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71 Products

Pickleball Shoes

Court Shoes For Pickleball Prevent Injury and Offer Comfort

We offer shoes that are created specifically for the needs of pickleball players, by providing superior stability, ventilation, cushioning and support. These products ensure proper shock absorption while protecting against strain and discomfort. We test all our shoes at our courts before deciding to carry them, so we know these shoes are the highest quality available. With the right shoes, you’ll be able to get the most out of your footwork, protect yourself from injury and forget about your feet altogether as you fly across the court hitting pickleballs.


A Few Notes About Pickleball Shoes:

Wear & Care: We recommend using pickleball shoes only during play, not for other sports or as everyday shoes. This will help ensure they last as long as possible. Pickleball Court shoes are designed for a combination of support and comfort, and most pros wear their shoes only for court play. Remember, court shoes are just as important as a paddle and will go far toward improving your game.

Return Policy: Customers may try on shoes in a clean, indoor environment to assess sizing and comfort. Shoes cannot be returned if they are worn outdoors or in active play. Returned shoes must be in new condition with the original box, fabric tissue and tags. Eligible returns and exchanges can be made within 30 days from the date of purchase. Original shipping charges are non-refundable.

Safety & Selection. Good court shoes are the most important piece of pickleball equipment. Playing pickleball in running shoes or street shoes is dangerous and can leave you with a twisted ankle or worse. In contrast, pickleball court shoes offer firm support in moving sideways, backwards and forwards on the court. The outsoles should stick to the court to provide more confidence while running after balls, knowing you can stop on a dime when needed.