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148 Products

Composite Pickleball Paddles

fiberglass composite pickleball paddles
Taking full advantage of the latest aerospace materials composite technology, these paddles have come to represent some of the most sought-after pickleball paddles available today. Featuring an incredible combination of touch, feel, and strength, composite paddles are a worthy of consideration. Composite paddles normally feature polymer honeycomb cores with fiberglass faces.

Can Composite Paddles Provide a Balance in Performance and Value?

Composite pickleball paddles offer players the most power at the lowest price point. Since they’re generally in a higher weight class than other quality paddles (though there are exceptions), they allow players to use less effort while hitting with more power. This makes them an ideal option for kids or older players wanting more strength behind their hits, those who like to play an aggressive game and players just getting started who don’t want to spend too much.

The name can be a bit misleading as “composite” is not a specific material in itself, but refers to the fact that these paddles are made up of two or more materials combined. The majority of composite paddle faces are made of either fiberglass, carbon fibers, vinyl or resins, though there are many unique blends.

Some composite paddles have unique surface textures that help players put more spin on the ball, though there are a few textured options among graphite pickleball paddles as well. Composite fans believe that these paddles actually allow for better control because the ball doesn’t seem to bounce off the surface quite as quickly, allowing players to carefully place the ball instead of accidentally “popping” them too far.

To ensure your composite paddle stays in good condition, make sure to store it somewhere out of direct sunlight but away from moisture. This will help prevent any bubbling or any peeling from occurring on the paddles’ surface. If your paddle needs to be cleaned then avoid harsh chemical cleansers and use a damp cloth instead.