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Wood Pickleball Paddles


These paddles are perfect for beginners and for those players seeking a very heavy paddle. When the sport was invented, wooden paddles and racquets were the first ones used by players. Over the years, the designs have improved with the use of higher-quality plywood material, better grips, and safety straps. They are very cost-effective, making them popular with schools, clubs, YMCAs, and a variety of recreational programs. We do not weigh our wood paddles, but most of these paddles weigh between 9 and 11 ounces with some even heavier.

Wooden Pickleball Paddles and Racquets

In the vibrant realm of pickleball, where technological advancements often dictate the gear players prefer, there remains a significant portion of players drawn to the classic feel and nostalgia of a wooden pickleball paddle. Beyond mere sentimentality, wooden paddles and racquets offer distinct advantages that have stood the test of time. Let’s dive deep into understanding why the charm of wooden pickleball paddles is more than just about tradition.

What is a Wooden Pickleball Paddle

A wooden pickleball paddle is crafted predominantly from wood, sometimes layered or laminated for added strength. These paddles, in their simplicity, echo the early days of pickleball, and are often favored by schools, recreational facilities, and players looking for a cost-effective introduction to the sport.

Advantages of Wooden Paddles and Racquets

1. Affordability

One of the most compelling reasons to opt for wooden pickleball paddles is their cost-effectiveness. Perfect for beginners or recreational players, wooden paddles offer an affordable entry point into the sport, allowing players to grasp the basics without a significant upfront investment.

2. Durability and Robustness

The inherent strength of wood ensures that these paddles are built to last. Unlike some modern materials, which might chip or crack under pressure, a wood pickleball paddle stands strong, making them ideal for rigorous gameplay and extended use.

Enhanced Ball Control

Thanks to their solid structure and weight, wooden paddles provide players with a unique feel and touch. This leads to improved ball control, allowing players to better direct their shots and dinks.

Traditional Play Feel

For many, the tactile sensation of playing with a wooden racquet is unparalleled. The connection between player and paddle, coupled with the classic sound a wooden paddle produces, evokes a sense of nostalgia, grounding players in the sport’s rich history.

Wooden Pickleball Paddles vs Modern Materials

While wooden paddles hold their charm, it's essential to understand how they measure up against paddles made from modern materials. Wooden paddles are typically heavier, providing power but potentially sacrificing some maneuverability. However, for players who prioritize control and a consistent feel, the wooden pickleball paddle often emerges as the preferred choice.

Tips for Choosing Your Wooden Paddle

The world of wooden pickleball paddles offers a variety of choices. When making a selection, consider factors like weight, paddle shape, grip size, and your style of play. Whether you're a power player or a control artist, there's a wooden paddle tailored for your game. It offers players a unique blend of affordability, durability, and a classic play feel. For those drawn to tradition, or simply looking for a sturdy and reliable paddle, the wooden option remains a top contender.


Q: How much do pickleball paddles cost?

A: Pickleball paddles can vary widely in price, ranging from around $10 for basic wooden models to over $150 for high-end, professional-grade paddles made of advanced materials. Multiple factors like brand, material, and design influence the cost.

Q: Are wood pickleball paddles good?

A: Wood pickleball paddles are generally heavier and lack the advanced features of graphite or composite paddles. While they're more affordable and can be suitable for beginners or casual play, many players eventually upgrade to lighter, more responsive materials for improved performance.

Q: What does a pickleball racket look like?

A: A pickleball paddle typically has a solid face without strings, unlike a tennis racket. It's broader than it is tall, resembling a large ping pong paddle, with a handle similar to that of a tennis racket. They come in various designs and colors based on brand and model.